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Microsoft evolution key to continued SharePoint success, expert says

by | Mar 20, 2012

Microsoft SharePoint, the enterprise collaboration software platform, was recently highlighted by ZDNet’s Oliver Marks as competition continues to heat up with the company’s largest competitor, Salesforce, uses cloud-based technology instead.

The writer indicated that a key challenge for Microsoft moving forward with SharePoint is how it will address on-premise and cloud-based technologies.

“SharePoint is hugely successful for governance and compliance reasons, but the inefficiencies of the archaic document centric ways in which accountants and legal professionals work together is the weakest link in the enterprise collaboration chain, but also continues to be a very powerful one,” Marks wrote.

With the upcoming SharePoint release waiting in the wings, the ZDNet writer asserted that Microsoft has to develop its new solution to address growing technology needs to maintain current success.

More companies than ever are using Microsoft SharePoint to connect with employees and bolster collaboration capabilities. Market research firm the Radicati Group recently announced that of the organizations surveyed, 75 percent said the need to collaborate through documents is the top reason for using SharePoint.