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Making e-files accessible – it’s all about Document Batch Conversion

by | Apr 2, 2012

Batch Conversion to PDF to create a repository of securely accessible files for your enterprise

Question: What do the words ‘batch’, ‘metric’, ‘currency’ and ‘unit’ have in common?

Answer: They all frequently have the word ‘conversion’ attached to them.

‘So what?’ you may be thinking – what does that have to do with me? Well if we’re talking about batch conversion to PDF of document and image files to enable information access in your organization – then it may mean the difference between a job well done and a job that can’t be done.

For example, have you ever tried to open a document or image file and couldn’t because either you didn’t have the application the file was authored in, or didn’t have the correct version of the application needed? If you incorporate a batch conversion to PDF solution, those days are over. Batch conversion applications, if they’re good, recognize most diverse document and image file formats, convert them into universally readable file formats such as TIFF or PDF, and store them into a user specified secure archive.

Streamline Data Access and Processing – In the Real World

Batch converters easily and efficiently change a wide variety of files from one format into another user-specified file type, to enhance and optimize document workflow, and to better process and distribute mission-critical information throughout an organization’s enterprise. Rapid batch conversion applications are used by a diverse spectrum of industries (probably including yours). Just some examples:

  • Healthcare Organizations use batch converters to view and process a wide variety of facility and patient information including medical and financial records, insurance forms, physician’s orders and prescriptions and X-rays. The ultimate goal is to create one comprehensive document that contains the entire patient’s medical history while retaining or improving security and preventing the possibility of modification or loss.
  • Banking and Financial Services Institutions rely on batch file conversion for fast and accurate document conversions that speed up the processing of loan applications, mortgage papers, checks and other financial documents because they end up in one easily accessible format.  The reviewer avoids the need to open multiple applications just to read the different types of documents.
  • The Insurance Industry has achieved expedited claims processing and enhanced customer service through the ability to quickly and simply handle any kind of claim form or customer correspondence through the use of one viewer. Insurers are also better equipped to meet compliance demands by maintaining document integrity throughout the conversion process.
  • Government Agencies depend upon quick and accurate conversion for both documents created electronically and those scanned into a document management system. Documents with diverse formats and origins are securely converted, archived and retrieved – either for internal use or for viewing by other employees or the public on the Web.


So the next time you can easily access information that was initially created in diverse file types, you probably have an automated batch conversion application (and your IT department of course) to thank. And hopefully it’s one of ours…

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