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Large enterprises using SharePoint

by | Jun 20, 2011

According to a new webinar by Colligo Networks, large enterprises are using SharePoint for records management.Colligo Networks recently hosted a webinar of nearly 3,000 Microsoft SharePoint professionals exploring the software’s capabilities.

According to the webinar, 50 percent of corporations in attendance have 1,000 or more employees, and are using SharePoint 2010 for records management, followed by document management and collaboration. Of the SharePoint professionals at the webinar, nearly half are in the IT department, which Colligo believes is an encouraging sign that SharePoint management is still run by an organization’s IT workers.

Of the webinar participants, government was the top industry represented, followed by computers services and computer software industries.

“The response from large enterprises highlights the rapid adoption of SharePoint 2010 for records management, of which email records management is a critical component,” said Barry Jinks, CEO of Colligo Networks. “Important information previously stored in personal mail folders must now be recorded and retrievable to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and corporate policies.”

While the software provides certain benefits, careful consideration should take place before implementing the product. Companies planning to install SharePoint should establish governance prior for greater effectiveness, according to Tim Hickernell, lead analyst at Info-Tech Research Group.