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Kindle Fire and Snowbound Software – Burning brightly together

by | Dec 5, 2011

Digital document viewing and batch file conversion: You’ve come a long way baby.

I did it, I bought a Kindle Fire, the new tablet computer version of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader. Sure I would like to say it was because I wanted to read the ‘Art of War’, catch up on some of the latest books shown on the ‘Daily Show’, or that I wanted to do some reading during a very rare October snowstorm.

Alas, it came down to the four words never to be used in marketing materials at Snowbound SoftwareSave Time and Money. The cliché is so overused, it warranted an article from my colleague Scott Pasho on the Snowbound blog. As Scott states;

“I understand saving money – if you need something, and one place sells it for ten bucks and the other for five – you obviously buy from the less       expensive vendor – and thereby ‘save money’. But saving time? Even if the acquisition of some product or service makes a process go faster than before, you haven’t really saved time; you’ve just used less of it.”

I often purchase books on some segment of the latest technology. These tomes often run roughly 600 pages, and cost upwards of $80.00, while at the same time threatening the existence of my Mac mini, as it loses the real estate battle for supremacy of my work area. My nerd factor goes up exponentially as more books end up in a haphazard stack, as several older versions recently did.

Snowbound’s software, demonstrating quality document viewing and image conversion that are so critical in today’s digital world, is easily demonstrated on the Kindle Fire. Increased bandwidth makes it a snap to directly download a volume of content to your device, or distribute thousands of pages in a readable form that rivals paper in terms of display.

SnowBatch batch conversion software and our RasterMaster viewing and conversion SDK may be used to create searchable PDF text, from almost every text-based format available. And I’ve found that the coolest Snowbound feature is RasterMaster’s ability to eliminate pixel ‘noise’ that comes from scanned documents. You know those pesky spots on the digital image muddying the waters; well RasterMaster’s DocClean module makes them a thing of the past.

Inspired by technological advances in both the printed and digital space, and motivated by Scott’s idea that saving time is logically absurd, why not use less time, without sacrificing quality, to do the same task. While I this isn’t a revolutionary idea, it is one that has already spawned thousands of articles, books and applications. But here we still are, continuing to look for answers on how to be more productive and efficient. Who knew one of the answers would be document viewing and image conversion? Well today, I pledge:

No More! Time to get organized – to wit:

1.     Time to take control now that the high end digital conversion tools rival papers quality – I’m buying my publications online.

2.     No more will my desk look like a hoarders dream come true and an avalanche waiting to happen

3.     The days of searching by table of contents is no longer upon us, for I will use the built in search, and document viewing and not save time, but use less of it to complete the same task.

4.     I will take advantage of ‘less time used to complete a process’ and use the extra time wisely.

5.     I will say that I have gone green saving thousands of sheets of paper, but in reality just using a superior format.

6.     No Longer will I wait for the UPS guy to deliver my Amazon order.

All of you out there who are looking to save time and money (sorry Snowbound), join me in the document revolution.