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iPad application lets users covert PDF files

by | Jul 21, 2011

FeiPhone Studio recently announced the release of its application for Apple iPad users, which allows them to covert PDF files into a number of new documents.

According to the company, the application includes a PDF to JPEG conversion, as well as support for the conversion to other PDF or PNG and Zip files. By using the product, users can also share their files and import, export, extract, copy and upload through email or USB device.

While the application allows owners to convert PDF to JPEG and other files, they “can also take advantage of the app’s PDF splitter to copy, convert or air print specific pages, images or sections of a PDF document,” the company said in a press release. “Content can be taken from multiple PDFs to form a new PDF document for conversion or zipping.”

Since tablets have become an integral part of the way consumers and employees access information, the market for the devices is expected to increase. According to research by IDC, 53.5 million units are projected to be shipped this year, which is an increase from the research firm’s previous estimate of 50.4 million.