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IBM PureFlex system helps companies tackle expanding business management records

by | Jul 17, 2012

IBM's enterprise content management solutions have helped many businesses operating across multiple industries to improve their efficiency. ValeCard, a Brazilian company with healthcare, finance, agriculture and real estate ties, adopted IBM's PureFlex system to address its expansion and record keeping demands, IBM recently announced.

IBM said that ValeCard experienced annual growth of more than 40 percent during the past three years and needed a solution capable of helping it manage thousands of transaction records.

ValeCard operations manager Jose Geraldo Ortigosa said the company also needs technology to help it customize projects for its clients.

"IBM PureSystems gives us freedom to grow, increase our availability, allow the creation of a hot environment for disaster recovery and puts the company in the right direction by using new technologies such as cloud computing," Ortigosa said, according to an IBM release.

As more organizations look for ways to improve their enterprise mobility capabilities, IBM's ECM solutions are also aiding this process. IBM recently launched its Content Navigator software, allowing employees to access documents, images and records through multiples devices like smartphones and tablets, among others.