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HP storage solution helps healthcare publisher meet traffic demands

by | Jul 2, 2012

Few vendors have developed enterprise content management solutions as robust as those offered by HP. The company recently announced that healthcare publisher Lifescript adopted its HP 3PAR Storage offering to meet expanding storage and data analytics decision-making needs.

Lifescript’s website and electronic newsletters currently reach more than 10 million people a month, which has resulted in the need for new technology to handle a tenfold increase in online traffic, HP noted.

Chris Riley, HP vice president, explained that many businesses are feeling increased pressure to grow despite customers cutting back spending.

“With around-the-clock application availability and decreased website latency, Lifescript now has the power to make strategic real-time business decisions along with the agility to offer new services to organically grow its customer base,” Riley said.

HP may be known in the consumer realm as a computer manufacturer, but the company’s offerings are much more diverse. Earlier this year HP announced that it will be the preferred provider for physicians affiliated with the American Medical Association, providing organizations with high-definition displays and workstations to lower cost and improve efficiency.