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How about some abbreviations we can really use?

by | Apr 25, 2012

GET2PT (Business-Based Shortcuts That Get to the Point)

We all know about the ubiquitous acronyms used for IM and texting such as ‘LOL’, ‘OMG’, ‘BTW’ and ‘ILY’, but how about some business-based abbreviations that clearly state what we’re trying to get across. You know clear concise statements that leave little margin for error – so we can shortcut through all the red tape and get right to the point. So, in that vein, and without further adieu, (right, get to the point) I give you the list:

GOTTAGO – I’d like to speak with you right now (really I would) but my housekeeper is getting deported and I’m late for the hearing

QUOTATRIP – Please buy this (product/service) now as I’m this close to meeting my quota and really need to win that incentive trip to Pittsburgh (yes, I’m that desperate)

@$$$ – E-messages only please – I never answer my phone unless its publisher’s clearing house calling

HECK??? – Who the heck are you again and why am I listening to your drivel?

5PMSUMWHERE – If I dress up like Jimmy Buffet on casual Friday, can I come in drunk?

NOSVC4YOU – You’re going to be on hold with customer service interminably – so you’d better make sure to handle the following before making this call:

  • Vote for President by proxy
  • Service your car
  • Review your children’s college applications – even if they’re still in diapers
  • Tell your spouse you love them – and wish them a happy life
  • Have food, water and grooming supplies within arm’s reach (and your wastebasket)

HOOVER! – Your technical support sucks!

HOOVERX2! – Your technical support sucks and so do you!

WTF?! – Where’s the fire? (You were thinking something else, weren’t you?)

OUTTAHERE – I know there’s still work to be done, but there always is, and its five o’clock on Friday, and I just need to be outta here – so see you Monday if I’m not too hung-over.

Please feel free to submit your own ideas to add to this list – until then – TTFN!