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Housing associations could benefit from ECM strategies

by | Oct 4, 2010

According to the Content Group, many housing associations could benefit from implementing ECM solutions.ECM specialist the Content Group recently reported companies, particularly the housing association market, can potentially benefit from implementing ECM solutions, such as document management and information governance.

According to the report, most housing associations struggle to access vital information in a timely and efficient manner, as information is often stored in various forms across multiple business applications and physical locations. Many housing organizations cannot access information that traditionally lies outside the housing association business suites, such as email or physical files.

The report asserts that using a document management solution internally can help companies achieve a common, easy-to-use interface to all the business information at a reasonable cost. By converting paper-based tasks into electronic format, associations can be more efficient and improve performance.

The Content Group specialist John Chilton noted Microsoft’s SharePoint provides companies with an integrated business platform that includes document management, information governance and several other ECM features.

“With this depth of functionality, housing associations can use SharePoint to manage all content not contained within the existing business suite,” Chilton said.

A recent report by research firm Gartner estimated that 80 percent of organizations would be using Microsoft SharePoint by 2010, with a predicted 100 million licenses sold.