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Honey, how about an evening with Butch and Sundance on the Death Star?

by | Apr 12, 2011

I’ve been writing about document and image viewers all week – for our Web site, blog, trade shows and emails…and I love my job, but it’s time to write about something more nonsensical now…something to take away those winter in the northeast blues…

I’m looking forward to getting out of the office today and having a nice evening with my wife – doing what is the question. Maybe enjoying a movie together? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take characters and stories from various movies and scramble them? Maybe take Butch and Sundance – and put them in a Star Wars plotline? The Death Star blows up – and Sundance says, “Think you used enough dynamite there Butch?”

Or maybe an after-work martini and cigar on the balcony – except that its twenty degrees today with a wind chill factor of zero Kelvin I think…probably have to borrow a space suit from NASA – complete with helmet and internal heating system. And once you fill one of those babies up with cigar smoke it’s almost impossible to return it…then there’s that pesky $250 smoke cleaning fee…boy, those NASA guys have no sense of humor.

I know maybe an evening of drunken karaoke! Put on some 80’s CDs – a little Hall and Oats or Loverboy – the neighbors in my apartment building will love it! Oh wait, I forgot, we did that last night, and I’ve still got to pay the fine and put the court date on my calendar. I hope it’s just community service this time, these parties are getting expensive!

On the other end of the scale, maybe we could find an art gallery opening to crash, sip some cocktails in pedestal glasses (hey, indoor martinis – a winter epiphany) and rub elbows with the hoi polloi…crap, I just realized that I left my tuxedo in Florida after our New Year’s Eve shindig. And what’s crashing an art opening if you can’t be overdressed while pretending to be over bred?! Hmm…

A trip to a local museum might be nice, and efficiently done – especially if we wear roller blades a la Steve Martin in ‘LA Story’. But again, probably get pestered by those pesky police…they have no sense of humor either! And they really hate it when you try to grab their guns, trust me on this one…

Okay, so it’ll most likely be a quiet evening at home, but you know what – that’s probably the right answer until there’s a bit more mercury showing in the thermometer anyway…and in the meantime, I have plenty of gin and cigars to get me through…Cheers!