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Great Duos – In Movies, Music, Snowbound and more…

by | Nov 3, 2011

Bogey and Bacall, Tracy & Hepburn, Document Viewing and Conversion…

Okay, so I’m stretching things a bit here, comparing our technology to the likes of the legendary cinema couples above, but for our customers, document viewing and conversion is a great coupling. The capabilities built into our applications provide universal document viewing by coupling blink-of-an-eye document and image conversion functionality for thousands of users around the globe.

What does this mean as a practical application?

Some of the world’s largest insurance and banking/financial institutions use our products for forms and claims processing, and the majority of leading medical records providers and healthcare organizations depend on Snowbound for secure access to, and display of, patient medical records. And several branches of government worldwide use our offerings for everything from the expedition of mail delivery services to patent application processing.

We all enjoy making lists of one type or another; great couples, top-ten or top-five lists, the all time greatest (fill in the blank). It helps us break things down into at-a-glance relevant (or irrelevant) information tidbits. There are even top-ten lists of top-ten lists, so without further adieu – some other famous (or infamous) duos that either popped into my head – or were later discovered as I did (a bit) of homework for this piece…

  • Bonnie & Clyde – crime’s most famous couple
  • Adam & Eve – the original couple
  • Lewis & Clark – the first transcontinental expedition to the Pacific in the United States
  • Ben & Jerry – premium ice cream would be nowhere without these founding fathers
  • Burns & Allen – from Vaudeville, to radio and the screen – this couple entertained like no other
  • Batman & Robin – I know – geek city – but everyone knows these two
  • Hall & Oates – okay, geek II, the sequel, but these two are the best selling musical duo ever
  • Document viewing & conversion – see, there it is again! A great combo to keep your business running smoothly, efficiently and effectively.