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Expert predicts more SharePoint deployment as primary ECM in 2011

by | Jan 5, 2011

More businesses will likely deploy SharePoint 2010 as their primary ECM system in 2011, an expert predicts.Businesses are likely to move away from traditional enterprise content management solutions in 2011 and increase their deployment of Microsoft SharePoint 2010, an ECM expert recently predicted.

In a report for CMSWire, Doculabs vice president Joe Shepley predicted SharePoint will be used more frequently as the core ECM system this year, especially as more independent software vendors develop plug-ins and add-ons for specialized processes and vertical markets.

This trend will be especially popular among knowledge-based organizations, which are already testing the limits of SharePoint as an ECM solution, Shepley stated.

Additionally, Shepley predicts a shift from traditional ECM platforms to SharePoint 2010 as the capabilities of the programs begin to overlap. According to Shepley, businesses can now use SharePoint to perform functions traditionally reserved for ECM platforms, such as records management, faceted search, metadata and taxonomy management and document-centric workflow.

With its widespread capabilities and strong sales, SharePoint has quickly become one of Microsoft's most successful products to date. As the collaboration platform continues to evolve and garner more enthusiasm from enterprise users, some experts predict it could become a $2 billion product for Microsoft.