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Enterprise mobility ready if businesses are

by | Feb 16, 2011

Enterprise mobility needs to be part of information management.According to CMSwire, enterprise mobility needs to be part of any information management.

Mobile-ready data and mobile-ready content is more important than ever, and businesses need to utilize them, because without a mobile-enabled infrastructure, users are stuck to desktop-oriented sites or email for peer-to-peer information transfer. These approaches do not cater toward workers on-the-go.

Enterprise content management strategies have a multitude of offerings from other enterprise vendors, and features that can be used to mobilize content and business data. Last year, smartphones outsold PCs, shipping more than 100 million units in the last three months of 2010, further solidifying the demand for a mobile workforce.

“Organizations need to be thinking quickly about how they can engage with their partners and vendors to make the information they already have available to their mobile users. They need to do this without duplicating content, without doubling the management burden and without opening themselves up to governance headaches,” wrote Billy Cripe.

A recent report by Gartner found that the global enterprise software revenue will increase 7.5 percent in 2011, reaching $253.7 billion.