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EMC tries to use SharePoint”s size against itself

by | Jun 9, 2009

EMC tries to use SharePoint''s size against itselfFor much of the business world, Microsoft”s SharePoint is the industry leader when it comes to enterprise content management (ECM), something rival EMC is looking to use against the software giant.

According to an article today by Michael Hickins at bNet, EMC – which produces Documentum – is attempting to present itself as the collaboration tool that can help bring all the elements of SharePoint together.

Hickins reports that at a meeting with writers and analysts in New York City last week, EMC made clear its plans to present its product as a way users can "extract more value" out of all the elements of their SharePoint solution by tying them together with Documentum.

"In other words, fine, use SharePoint, but turn it into a pretty face for EMC, which will do the heavy lifting behind the scenes," writes Hickins.

Not knowing exactly how their SharePoint solution is being implemented appears to be a big problem for a growing number of companies. According to a report from Information Architected earlier this year, 40 percent said they were unaware how large their SharePoint deployment was.