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EMC takes on big data with with Greenplum appliance

by | Oct 14, 2010

EMC claims its Greenplum Data Computing Appliance can ingest data twice as fast as its competitors.With the ever-increasing amount of data businesses have to manage, EMC recently unveiled a data warehouse appliance designed to consume massive amounts of data quickly.

The Greenplum Data Computing Appliance uses the massively parallel processing technology developed by Greenplum, which EMC acquired in July, to efficiently make sense of the massive amounts of data organizations ingest from various sources.

EMC claims the new standalone storage device can process data twice as fast as competing products, including Oracle’s Exadata, IBM’s Netezza and Teradata’s 2580 enterprise data warehouse offering.

The DCA consists of Greenplum 4.0 software and hardware that includes 16 servers and 192 Intel cores, and holds 36 terabytes uncompressed or 144 terabytes of compressed data on a single rack. The system comes in full- or half-rack configurations and can be scaled to 24 racks. EMC claims the appliance can scan uncompressed data at 24 gigabytes per second and a single rack can load more than 10 terabytes per hour.

EMC’s new appliance comes at a time when the organizations are facing an increasing need for faster data processing. According to a recent IDC report, the worldwide volume of digital data will grow 44-fold in the next decade, from 1.2 million petabytes in 2010 to 35 zetabytes in 2020.