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EMC study points to growing need for data science workers

by | Dec 5, 2011

A recent independent research study conducted by business and service provider EMC revealed that companies worldwide lack the proper tools to address big data and data analytics.

The company surveyed more than 460 IT decision-makers from across the globe and found that only one-third are confident their organizations can make decisions using new data.

Of those surveyed from the EMC Data Science Study, 65 percent said the demand for data science workers will not be able to fill open positions in the next five years. According to EMC, 83 percent of survey participants indicated that emerging technology and new tools will increase the demand for trained data scientists in the near future.

Also, 32 percent of respondents noted that their organizations lack the proper skills or training and budgets/resources to meet the demand, according to the study.

Earlier this year the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported the use of big data analytics continues to grow worldwide. The news provider cited a study conducted by EMC, which revealed the amount of global data produced is doubling every two years. In 2011, this amount of information is expected to reach 1.8 zettabytes.