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EMC looks to the cloud, urges partners to do the same

by | May 20, 2011

EMC recently urged its partners to embrace cloud computing.At EMC’s recent partner event in Las Vegas, the storage company established a firm stance behind cloud computing and urged others to follow, according to a recent report Channel Web.

Marketing officer Jeremy Burton said that the company has been dabbling with the cloud since its previous partner meeting. Burton also stated that companies not behind the cloud need to start immediately.

“You should have started the journey and, if you have not, you are late,” said Burton. “Why are you not there yet?”

EMC’s chief executive Joe Tucci also spoke at the event, calling the cloud the “biggest, most disruptive wave” to enter the IT market, reiterating that partners need to take advantage of its benefits, the report stated.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for everyone – for EMC and for VMware,” Tucci said.

It appears that many companies have already identified the cloud as a major benefit for their organizations. According to a recent report by Network Instruments, migration to cloud services increased by 20 percent since 2010, with the most beneficial aspects occurring in increased application availability and scalability.