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EMC announces automated storage tiering for enterprise content management

by | Dec 8, 2009

EMC said its new automated storage tiering system will improve the efficience of storage centers.Information infrastructure company EMC announced a new fully automated storage tiering system Tuesday designed to increase the efficiency of enterprise content management systems.

The new tiering system automates data movement within storage systems, thus removing the need for manual storage administration. Developers say that the new system will lead to lower power consumption and operating costs for storage facilities.

"Over the past two years, EMC has optimized all of its major storage architectures to support new levels of automation required in virtual data center environments and for the transition to private clouds," said EMC president and chief operating officer Pat Gelsinger.

The company estimates that the new tiering system may reduce acquisition costs by at least 20 percent and storage operational expenses by 40 percent. The new fully automated storage tiering technology will serve as the basis for future integration of all EMC storage efficiency and automation capabilities.

EMC is an information infrastructure company based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts and founded in 1979. Its flagship product is Symmetrix, an enterprise storage hardware array. Its enterprise content management hardware and software solutions serve businesses and agencies on every continent.