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ECM vendor Nuxeo opens new application marketplace

by | Aug 30, 2010

Nuxeo recently announced the availability of an application store for its cloud-based users.Nuxeo recently announced the launch of its Marketstore, a single location for purchasing its applications and add-on solutions, to help users of its comprehensive ECM solutions.

While the solution is still only available for use in beta at the moment, the company expects to launch it in its full capacity at some point in September. Furthermore, the company has improved its dashboard tool to allow customers to manage and download the applications easier, according to chief marketing officer Cheryl McKinnon.

Nuxeo is yet to gather full results or reviews of Marketstore, as it was only made available last week, but it does expect its customer and industry critics to enjoy their new capability. Currently, Nuxeo is working on an expansion of its vertical applications, designing add-ons for government and science, according to Network World.

“Most app markets today require a complete download, install, test cycle. We’ve made this easy for Nuxeo customers. We have focused on the experience, integrating it throughout the Nuxeo Connect services, allowing installation of new apps or plug-ins directly from your application,” Nuxeo CEO Eric Baroca wrote on a company blog.

ECM solutions are expected to become increasingly dependent on the cloud, in terms of application stores and support centers. With this in mind, EMC, maker of ECM solution Documentum, recently refocused its entire product to leverage the cloud”s popularity.