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ECM saves companies money

by | Jun 11, 2010

A new study shows that the improved efficiency gained from ECM solutions saves companies money.Companies that implement ECM solutions experience far greater benefits than improved efficiency, according to ECM Connection. A byproduct of the faster operation is decreased time spent searching for documents and reorganizing folders, which many companies report has saved them substantial funds.

The report believes that even organizations with tightened budgets have considered ECM because of other companies claiming that the solutions have saved them money. One expenditure that can severely hurt a company is fines levied by a regulatory authority, which have become quite substantial throughout 2010. With better overall organization and easy navigation offered by modern ECM solutions, companies can greatly decrease the risk of regulatory violations.

For companies considering an ECM solution, it”s important to understand the type of files that will be stored in the system to ensure that the right purchase decision is made. Furthermore, as more ECM vendors begin using cloud computing, asking where the data centers that store the information are located is crucial for data protection.

EMC recently reported that its popular ECM solution Documentum will be outsourced to the cloud more often as new versions come out, according to Fierce Content Management.ADNFCR-1861-ID-19833291-ADNFCR