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ECM predictions for 2009

by | Dec 31, 2008

Predictions for 2009 show more open source ECMAs part of his predictions for 2009, president and CEO of Ingres Roger Burkhardt says the new year will see open source expand well into the enterprise content management world.

Writing for Dr. Dobbs Portal, Burkhardt says there will be even more expansion of open source next year especially in business purchasing patterns, software business model shifts, and enterprise software stack evolution.

Part of the reason for the increase according to Burkhardt is the economy, which will cause companies to look for other, less expensive forms of IT.

"As the 2008 recession extends into 2009, it will change the software landscape, as the economic "shock" forces business to make structural changes to their IT strategies to drive costs down," writes Burkhardt. "Open source software eliminates up-front licensing costs and drives down the total costs of new projects."

Burkhardt, who was formerly the CTO and vice president of the New York Stock Exchange, believes that Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Resource Management solutions will see open source accelerate in the new year.

Many in the industry see cloud computing as the future of software, which includes ECM. Google is already offering many programs through cloud and Microsoft”s Stephen Elop said earlier this month that the company will soon be revealing cloud versions of its SharePoint software.