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ECM Merger Frenzy: Should I Be Worried?

by | Sep 27, 2016

With all of the acquisitions and shifts in direction by document management companies these days, is it time to worry?

Is the Enterprise Content Management System/Content Management System ( ECM/CMS) that my company spent years installing at risk of obsolescence?

Are you concerned that Lexmark merged with Kofax, Perceptive, and Saperion and is now perhaps being bought by a Chinese company with an unknown history?


Or what about Dell buying EMC and then selling off Documentum and other units to OpenText?

Or that IBM is in the midst of another reorganization in their CMS division and people are being shifted around or laid off? Rumors continue to swirl around about whether they’ll buy Box or sell off Filenet.

And what about the rumors that Alfresco is up for sale?

If it seems like a lot has gone on in the last six months, you’re right. It begs the question: What is going on?

There are many factors, but two important drivers are revenue growth and customer acquisition. If a company isn’t growing fast enough to keep their stock holders happy, you have to fix it, sell it, or buy somebody. Selling to the enterprise isn’t enough anymore. You have to expand your market to include small to medium-sized businesses. As an ECM/CMS user, where do you go and what can you do?

The short answer is, “Relax, you’re covered.”

1) Your product isn’t obsolete and unloved. Your CMS vendor wants to keep you happy so you’ll continue to buy maintenance or pay your subscription. You’re safe for many years.

2) That said, your product may not see the robust development you’ve enjoyed in the past. Some of the technologies you need (like web-based viewing) may need to come from third party vendors.

3) These third parties are eager to support you and enhance your products. They’re not “fat and happy,” they’re hungry and motivated. They care about pleasing you… and getting (and keeping) your business.

4) If you’re not big enough to entice the Fortune 1000 CMS vendors, you are still welcome to the third parties who want to provide you with the latest technologies and tailor them to your needs.

So where does Snowbound fit in? Like some other third parties, we sell products that work with your ECM product. In our case, it’s web-based viewers and imaging application development tools that let you build your own viewers or conversion systems. By offering a very flexible APIs, interfaces, and support to many CMSs, we provide our customers with world-class HTML5 viewers that work with the latest and most secure document retrieval engines. You don’t have to trade-off security for ease-of-use with these products. You also don’t have to abandon your expensive CMS, but if you like, you do have the option to migrate to another as well.

Snowbound offers support for Documentum, IBM (including Filenet), and Alfresco. Many others are coming soon. You can even develop some yourself. Our third party partners are available to support your growth requirements.

So relax, you’re supported on your current system and you will be supported even if you decide to range further afield.