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ECM is environmentally friendly

by | Jan 13, 2009

A new report says that using ECM can save money and be environmentally friendlyIt”s already well established that enterprise content management (ECM) can help businesses work more effectively, but now comes word that ECM can actually be good for the environment.

A recent report from IT analysis company Gartner – called Enterprise Content Management Systems for Green IT – says that because ECM systems help companies reduce the amount of paper they use it has a positive effect on the environment.

"The 1980”s notion of a paperless office was about how technology could bring efficiency and change work styles," Mark Gilbert, an analyst at Gartner said. "Organizations are realizing that process improvements and the move away from paper to electronic processes can also bring green benefits, such as energy savings from paper production, distribution, usage and disposition, and transit through the postal system."

The report said that while companies have become more green through their use of ECM, there are still more steps they can take to improve their environmental impact as well as increase productivity.

One suggestion from the report is to build an ECM strategy and consolidating applications which it says will bring savings and help the environment.

Many experts are predicting that the future of ECM will be through cloud computing, which could have increased cost and environmental effects.