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DST update released for SharePoint

by | Oct 21, 2008

SharePoint users have been told of a new update for daylight saving time (DST) settings across a number of time zonesMicrosoft has announced the release of an update for SharePoint Services 3.0 to correct daylight saving time (DST) settings across a number of different time zones.

Companies which utilize the software to allow employees around the world to collaborate on file conversion, or to make use of a centralized document viewer, might welcome the ability to ensure clock settings are correct in any geographical region.

Jie Li, technical product manager for SharePoint, announced the release in a post on the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog.

"The start dates and end dates of DST change from year to year and countries may change their policies for DST occasionally," the author explained.

"This DST update is an effort of SharePoint product team to reflect these new changes."

Readers were also advised that, in some jurisdictions, DST is simply referred to as summertime.

Microsoft advises on its support pages that the stsadm command may be useful for IT managers who need to update SharePoint to make use of new time zone definitions.

By specifying a specific date using the command, the software company explains that the update can be applied only to documents produced after that point in time.

Such a capability may prove beneficial for companies which use a document viewer via SharePoint but which are keen to maintain the time stamps applied to files under the previous time zone definition.ADNFCR-1861-ID-18837017-ADNFCR