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Document Viewing, Batch Conversion & Imaging Toolkits – Random Summertime Musings

by | Aug 2, 2011

Cleaning out the mental attic on a hot summer day…

• Seems like all the movies released these days are in 3D format, so 3D document viewers from Snowbound anyone? Imagine the images jumping right off the page! (Might not be so good for certain formats – Excel for instance. Does anyone really want their accounting reports to leap out at them?!?!)

• What if the technology used in our batch file converter – changing documents from one format to another – could be applied to other areas of everyday life? For instance, change weather each day from bad to good for more beach days! Or make Mondays into Saturdays! Stuck in traffic? Simply change your car into a private jet, and you’ll be home (or elsewhere) in no time! Hey, a guy can dream…

• Before I worked in the software industry (many moons ago), I used to think that a toolkit contained items from Craftsman and Stanley. Well our toolkit, RasterMaster Imaging SDK, provides software developers with the tools to build document imaging functionality like viewing, converting and annotation – except it doesn’t come with the red toolbox. Hmmm…I’m sensing a marketing promotion here!

• And speaking of viewers, have you noticed that there are more screens than ever for people to peer into, and they spend a great deal of time doing so? Wait, of course you haven’t noticed, we are all too busily sucked into our own screens to notice others sucked into theirs. In fact, there has been an uptick of injuries reported in the news recently as people are injuring themselves by being too occupied by their cell phone displays, and not watching where they’re going. Distracted pedestrians and drivers are falling over and hitting each other, not to mention several people who have walked into open manholes and other construction debris. And the irony is that they’re using Smart-phones – which apparently are smarter than they are…

• Our AJAX document viewer is making great headway in the marketplace. I still don’t like the AJAX acronym (for asynchronous JavaScript and XML) though, as it reminds me of cleanser. This is a ‘Pure HTML’ browser-based document and image viewing software application that enables almost any kind of document or image file to be viewed from virtually anywhere. Even the government is getting into the game, using AJAX image viewers to display non-classified documents made public through the Freedom of Information Act. Who says the government doesn’t keep up to speed with technology?!
Happy Summer Everyone!