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Document Annotation & Redaction for Optimal Document Process Management

by | Aug 3, 2011

Annotation & Redaction Tools help Professionals Realize Significant Productivity & Security Gains

A great many business processes are document driven, and as such require streamlined precision, accuracy and frequently monotonous repetition. Automating any process that requires repetition leads to increased precision and productivity – and subsequently to happier employees and customers. Implementing a document viewer with annotation and redaction tools into an electronic forms processing system enables the highlighting of important areas on your documents, while at the same time providing data security by allowing the fool-proof redaction of sensitive information.

Using a document viewer (or image viewer) in claims or forms processing provides universal document access of files that have been converted on-the-fly quickly and accurately behind the scenes. So, no matter the format, documents and image files may be conveniently and securely viewed. Image viewing software also enables file access without the need for installing, maintaining and updating the wide variety of creator applications that would otherwise be required, a boon for IT, as well as finance, departments. Plus, since these are forms being processed (data added and captured), and not originally authored at the time, a document viewer provides an efficient and cost-effective solution without the need for the author applications.

Redaction tools (used to secure confidential information) provide a method of data security for claims and forms processing professionals, as sensitive information not needed to be accessed by all may be redacted at the server level. Document redaction ensures that the original files are unaltered, but the downloaded redacted version of the form is accessible for other processing, while the confidential data is totally concealed.

Forms may also be annotated, clearly highlighting action items, signature areas and next steps in the process. Annotation tools also provide colleagues with gains in productivity through the ability to collaborate on claims and forms as they are processed. Document or image annotations may be added and removed while processing the forms without altering the original document archived in the repository. Annotated forms may also be saved as file revisions and archived for future reference.

So the next time you find that an insurance claim has been processed smoothly, or admittance to a hospital or clinic for treatment has been streamlined, or banking or financial services transactions have been expedited, you probably have document viewing technology and features such as document annotation and redaction tools to thank for this.