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Corporate Smalltalk Consulting releases new Fax Viewer update for Mac

by | Jul 22, 2011

Corporate Smalltalk Consulting recently announced its new version of Fax Viewer version 1.7.4, which allows Apple Mac users to update their document viewer to view TIFF files or convert them to PDF form.

According to the company, Fax Viewer allows users to view several multi-page faxes by importing the file, which is then rendered to make sure it is optically correct. The application also lets users copy files through iTunes.

“The app includes newly enhanced page manipulation features to allow the sizing and rotation of pages as fax pages sometimes arrive in various orientations, tap areas for paging and adjustments to swipe to scroll,” the company said in a press release.

Although fax machines have been used for more than a century, according to president John McIntosh, they are not extinct and Fax Viewer offers an integrated solution for any iOS device.

Since Apple products have struck a chord with consumers, the devices are an increasing target for hackers. To combat the growing issues of cyber crime, ZDNet’s Ed Bott, said Microsoft, Apple and Google should be working together to prevent such attacks, since cyber crime is a universal predicament.