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Company incorporates SharePoint for project

by | May 27, 2011

One company is currently utilizing Microsoft SharePoint for a project.Tina Splender, project manager at Novozymes, recently explained to John Trigg of phaseFour Informatics about her company’s decision to implement Microsoft SharePoint as its enterprise notification platform.

Novozymes began a large management program four years ago that included several different processes. ELN was one of the processes involved, but Splender stated that she knew the ELN project could not stand alone.

That’s where SharePoint came into the picture by allowing the company to share information throughout each department, as well as regarding projects. Splender also stated that Novozymes will create a central database for all important information regarding the company’s enzymes projects.

“And, also Novozymes is a biotechnological company, where we work with biomolecules,” Splender said. “I think that our requirements are probably quite different from those of the chemical companies.”

Companies utilizing SharePoint are not just in one industry. Colliers International, a commercial real estate firm that operates in 60 countries, uses Microsoft SharePoint for its collaboration needs to connect 15,000 employees in 500 offices worldwide, according to a report by Network World.