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Companies should learn the basics of Microsoft SharePoint

by | Feb 3, 2012

CMS Wire writer Mark Rackley recently suggested that organizations seeking to take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint have several factors to consider.

The reporter said that, although training courses can be helpful, companies must invest time with the technology to be successful. For starters, businesses are encouraged to learn the phrasing of SharePoint.

“Whether you are searching for an answer online or trying to articulate your problem to a seasoned SharePoint pro, you need to use the correct words to find the answer you need and to make sure you are understood,” wrote Rackley.

The writer added that another way to take advantage of the benefits of SharePoint include learning the basics of the platform, such as creating lists and sites. This knowledge will also help users avoid creating lines of code that can be a tedious process.

Since its release, SharePoint has undergone several transitions and is currently considered a key productivity booster. According to a recent TechTarget report by contributing writer George Khalil, the latest software is an effective enterprise content management tool and offers several key benefits not available in the previous version.