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Businesses should avoid certain SharePoint uses

by | Sep 6, 2012

Microsoft SharePoint is considered one of the most effective enterprise content management solutions (ECM), but companies utilizing the platform can still run into some issues. Betanews’ Chris Wright recently offered businesses several tips so they can avoid potential roadblocks with their SharePoint deployments.

The writer encouraged organizations to avoid building websites with SharePoint because doing so involves many complexities, which impacts employees and sometimes the end results are not always successful.

Although companies may want to customize the look and feel of SharePoint to match corporate guidelines, this is an expensive endeavor. Instead, businesses should invest more in improving functionality of the Microsoft platform, according to Wright.

SharePoint may be a solution to store and manage data, but it is not a substitute for a relational database and should not be treated as one, Wright concluded.

SharePoint may not provide organizations with a perfect solution to managing data, but it is very close. The Association for Information and Image Management recently polled companies regarding their feelings on SharePoint and found that nearly 70 percent believe the platform is crucial to their organizations.