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Boston Red Sox using SharePoint for improved operations

by | Jun 17, 2011

The Boston Red Sox are using Microsoft SharePoint for improving its operations.The Boston Red Sox organization has transformed from a franchise of bitter disappointments to winning two World Series championships since 2004. The baseball club is also improving its operations by using Microsoft SharePoint 2010, according to a recent NetworkWorld report.

Red Sox IT director Steve Conley recently revealed how the organization is using SharePoint at the SPTechCon SharePoint conference in Boston. The Red Sox have a team of six members that serve 250 workers in the organization, using SharePoint for several benefits.

According to the report, the Red Sox use SharePoint 2010 to monitor ticket request applications, credentials, sort through player fan mail and to handle bills and invoices, which are scanned into SharePoint and processed in the club’s enterprise resource planning system.

“Our busiest time for ordering stuff is spring training when we are down in Fort Myers,” Conley said at the conference. “When the invoicing was all done on paper, the bills would often bounce back and forth between Boston and Fort Myers before they got paid and then we’d pay the late fee.”

As the Red Sox use SharePoint for improving its operations, the software is making its way into larger enterprises. According to Colligo Networks, nearly half of enterprises surveyed are using the software as a platform for their records management.