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According to summit: SharePoint is a necessity

by | Feb 24, 2011

A hot topic at the recent Gartner BI summit is the necessity of SharePoint.One of the topics discussed at the Gartner BI summit in Sydney included collaboration applications adapting to business functions across the enterprise, according to PC World.

One example of achieving collaboration is implementing Microsoft SharePoint into the workplace. SharePoint is an agile tool and necessary if businesses want to achieve successful collaboration.

The driving force behind SharePoint stems from the employees using the software. Workers want a simple and effective way to share information and also to access social tools for finding experts on particular topics.

"There's literally 15 ways that you could be doing SharePoint in your company right now," said analyst Mark Gilbert. "The business drivers have changed for content management over the years … business processes have to be more adapted to business needs.”

According to a recent report from Global 360, SharePoint 2010 has increased its market penetration significantly since August 2010. The survey was conducted in January 2011 and found that SharePoint 2010 grew to 44 percent, compared to just 8 percent in August.