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50 Shades of Snowbound – Something for Everyone

by | Aug 7, 2012

A Variety of Document Viewing and Processing Solutions

Solutions that fit your needs – that’s what businesses look for – as one size definitely does NOT fit all. When you’re looking for vendors to help you address your business issues, you’re seeking the best fit – both from the solution – and the company offering it. And hopefully a long term partner that will help you with the challenges that lie ahead as well.

We understand that feeling completely as we’ve been helping companies with document viewing and image conversion applications and SDKs for almost two decades. And as part of our promise to our customers – we keep abreast of ever-changing technology to ensure that the systems you put in place from us will continue to evolve, and leverage the latest technological developments. This means that we too have to vet and partner with the best vendors!

Our comprehensive family of document viewers is designed with you in mind. From flexible browser-based web viewers, to ECM enhancing (and easy to integrate) client/server systems; our VirtualViewer line features secure universal document viewing and streamlined claims and forms processing. Built-in tools include:

  • Annotation features such as ‘APPROVED’ rubber stamps, highlighting, “sticky notes” with comments to reviewers and watermarks like ‘CONFIDENTIAL’
  • Redaction capabilities provide the ability to secure sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit information and account numbers from those unauthorized to view these

Flexible options for you, no matter the format(s) of your documents, your hardware or server platforms, or content management system, we have a solution to fit your needs – that’s what we offer. When you work with Snowbound we have two primary goals – to help you succeed, and to give you peace of mind. Our charter is to work with you to create effective and efficient solutions to help your firm grow and flourish.

We’re Snowbound Software – how can we help you?