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25 Years & Counting – Snowbound Anniversary

by | Feb 18, 2021

On January 31, 2021 we completed our 25th year in business.  Allow me to reflect a bit on that…

25 years in the “real world,” much less the tech world,  is a relatively long time.  A lot has happened in that span. Recalling our early days, our most significant piece of equipment was an all-in-one fax, answering system, copier, scanner and printer.  For $1K, we started a company.  Add a workstation and a laptop and now we were developing, faxing, designing and operating a website and even creating brochures.  Our dial-up modem was critical to getting our message out. 

We eventually moved on from dial-up modems and fax communications. Our workflow consisted of Windows 95, real mail,  human receptionists, so many sales phone calls, trade shows, printed manuals, actual software shipments on CDs and DVDs, and express shipping. Flash forward to today’s world where the only thing that isn’t virtual is the person ?.

Snowbound was and still is a bootstrapped company.  We started with two founders during Boston’s snowiest winter at the time and didn’t add another person for 5 months. 

However, our first customer was Xerox!  For a long time, one partner did the engineering and the other did everything else.  Every new customer was a personal (though typically not face-to-face) encounter.  Every hire was so significant.  It was also a simpler world.  Worries about NDAs, PO’s, disaster recovery preparation, network security and 45 page contracts were rare.  We all just wanted to build our company and make exciting solutions, all while raising our children and trying to live a rewarding life. 

So many things from that span of time are now a blur—the rushed efforts to add features for an important customer, the occasional flawed release, madly fixing bugs for a desperate company, things going wrong, but ultimately, things going right  Signing up huge companies who had no idea how small we were but only cared about how well the product worked was significant to our growth.  I learned that the best endorsement of our efforts was the continued use of our solutions by thousands, and then millions, of  users.

I know that we’ve accomplished a lot.  Did we ever imagine we’d get to this size or that we’d have so many customers who’ve been with us for so many years?  Not really, because we didn’t want to jinx it.  But now every time that a customer like IBM, GE, JP Morgan or Lloyd’s Bank renews their maintenance and support or buys more licenses or another product, it’s an endorsement that we provide true value and have earned their trust for another year.

No, we didn’t imagine a virtual office, or remote hosting, or managing to thrive in a Covid-19 imprisoned world.  Or that we’d have to deal with GDPR, email blacklists, or disaster recovery policies or network penetration audits.  But person by person, customer by customer, partner by partner, relationship by relationship, we created the entity that is Snowbound Software.

It’s been a great ride and we’re not done yet!  Thank you to all who have stuck with us all these years.  We hope it’s been good for you too.

Simon Wieczner
President & CEO (Co-founder)