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You Are Judged by the Company You Keep

by | Nov 16, 2011

We are proud of our customers’ and the innovative ways they leverage our technology…

We all know the old saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but how many of us practice that philosophy? We all rush to judgment or form quick opinions at times based upon very little information. Well if you have a prestigious list of clients that have acquired and implemented your document viewing and image conversion technology over the years – being judged by your associations is a good thing.

Snowbound Software has helped organizations around the world in some very innovation and unique ways. A great many firms use our document viewing and image conversion applications and toolkits to assist with universal document viewing and image display for secure patient medical records access, and the streamlining of document-driven processes such as claims and forms processing. But there are also many companies today employing Snowbound’s applications in some very interesting and innovative ways…

  • In the transportation industry, Canada’s Manitoulin Transport used Snowbound’s VirtualViewer document viewer to enhance a Web portal for their customers to access shipping order status in real time. Aside from the ability to provide instant display of documents such as bills of lading, proofs of delivery and invoicing information, Manitoulin also realized great gains in customer satisfaction as well as a marked decrease in the volume of calls to customer service.
  • The US Postal Service has implemented a postal money order conversion system using Snowbound’s RasterMaster SDK. The USPS receives and delivers over one million digital money orders every day after the Federal Reserve clears them for processing. Because there are no required standards for the image formats submitted, the USPS must be able to read a variety of formats as well as convert the files to a standard format for viewing and archiving – instantly and accurately.
  • Several banks use Snowbound’s technology to speed the processing of mortgage applications.  By reviewing scanned documents rather than paper, processing time is enhanced by at least a factor of two, security is increased because there is no paper to be misplaced or copied, archiving is much simpler because it’s all electronic, and costs can be reduced by establishing dispersed processing centers in less expensive areas. Plus, anyone with authorization can access needed documents, wherever they might be.

Finding innovative ways to help our client’s implement the latest technology is what we’ve been doing for over fifteen years. We’re proud of our impressive list of customers and their ingenuity to leverage our software solutions in ever-expanding ways – to address their business challenges.

We’re Snowbound Software – how can we help you?