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Why Social Media for B-to-B Companies?

by | May 7, 2012

Or, won’t you be my ‘Friend’? We’d ‘like’ that!

Every marketing publication seems to have some study or other about the importance of social media as part of a firm’s overall marketing strategy, and most organizations do have some sort of presence in this channel today. Case in point, aside from the online presence of our website and blog, we here at Snowbound Software also have a Facebook page, as well as a LinkedIn listing and group dedicated to our document viewing audience.

Like most successful organizations, we try to use every marketing program at our disposal to get the word out about our document viewing and image conversion applications and toolkits – but are social media tools the best way for a high-technology B to B company to accomplish this?

While our overall online presence continues to show solid growth in both the number of visitors to our website and blog, the measurable impact of social media has been minor. But since this is not a costly avenue to pursue in terms of either time or money invested – it has certainly been an undertaking worth pursuing.

When we first created our company Facebook page, we were scrambling to get the required number of ‘likes’ that it took for the page to be launched. In the middle of this development, Facebook changed the parameters and we were thankfully able to post sooner than anticipated. While we’re happy to have our Facebook page, we’re not sure of its impact in the business-to-business environment.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, has been a great B-to-B social tool, enabling us to connect with clients, colleagues and other business associates, invite them to webinars and other events, and establish a business-specific user group (as previously mentioned) focused on our document viewing and image conversion technology.

So, won’t you be our ‘friend’? (Still sounds a little ‘Mr. Rogers Neighborhood to me if you substitute ‘neighbor’ for ‘friend’). We’d ‘like’ that!

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