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We Can Help – So Listen Up!

by | Mar 26, 2012

Or trying to get through the Selective Hearing & Short Attention Spans in today’s Digital World

It’s amazing to me that with all the modes of communication we have today – even our closest contacts don’t know pertinent information about us. Take the other day for instance, a good friend and business associate of mine in the financial services industry was chatting with me about his work – and I discovered that his firm needs a solution to help their account mangers and customer service representatives process their client forms, reports and other portfolio data. I explained to him that’s what Snowbound does (as I have before), and that we’d be happy to help automate his forms processing systems, telling him about our document viewing and image conversion applications and SDKs for the financial services industry (among other markets upon which we focus).

I’m not sure if we just have too many distractions and inbound sources of information to disseminate – all vying for our attention – or we just go about our business at times too deadline bound to seek a better solution. Short attention spans affect us all both at work and play, but are they becoming a bigger issue in the Internet age of email, texting, IM and streaming video? Sure seems like it to me. We all have become addicted to trying to multitask electronically. How many times have you found yourself on the phone while also trying to answer email?

I’m on vacation – take my phone, please…

As a marketer, the battle is all about getting someone’s attention and interest in your product or service. You have to find innovative ways and venues to introduce yourself to them, accentuate the positive features and benefits, and hold their interest long enough to give them a compelling reason to pursue the matter further. This is getting harder to do in the information age as we are all bombarded almost constantly with messages through the media, advertising and the mobile devices we are tethered to. I even read an article recently about unplugged vacations, where upon arrival at your destination, they take your mobile technology from you, and will monitor them for any major issues or emergencies – so that you may enjoy an e-free vacation.

The first modern technology that we placed blame upon for our fragmented attention spans is of course the television. USA Today printed a story a few years ago linking shorter attention spans in children to too many hours of TV as toddlers, and that they may have issues concentrating and paying attention later in life. (I wonder if my financial services friend watched too much Sesame Street growing up.)

As for me, I’d like to continue this column, but I’m getting distracted by my email and phone, plus it’s time for my show to begin…