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Viewing Documents and Viewing Images Anywhere via Quick, Easy & Secure Universal Access

by | Jul 14, 2011

As I’ve asked before, have you ever tried to open a document or image file, and couldn’t due to either having an older version of the application the file was created in, or you didn’t have the correct application at all? When this happens, viewing documents and viewing images can be a frustrating process – particularly for professionals who rely upon document-driven processes and secure data access for their livelihoods – such as insurance claims processors, and financial services and healthcare professionals.

Viewing documents and viewing images can be greatly enhanced through the use of a universal document viewer, ensuring fast and secure access to files. Document and image viewing applications convert a wide variety of file types in an instant for efficient and productive forms access and processing. High-speed viewing applications are designed for viewing documents and viewing images from virtually any platform, anywhere.

Web-based viewing applications using AJAX (an acronym for asynchronous Javascript and XML) can send data to, and retrieve data from, a server asynchronously (in the background) without disrupting the display of the current Web page in use. Using a ‘Pure HTML’ AJAX viewer enables viewing documents and viewing images from virtually anywhere using a basic Web browser running on any platform including Windows, Macintosh, Android and UNIX. The complex and computing intensive document processing occurs on the server side, simplifying the client side requirements dramatically.

AJAX viewing technology also empowers on-the-go professionals through the flexible capabilities provided for viewing documents and viewing images via mobile technology. Document and image files are rendered in real time on mobile devices via Web browser, without the need to install (or ever update) any software/application on the client. Document and image viewing features include the ability to open multiple files at the same time; select which documents are opened by default in the browser for quick access to those frequently needed and thumbnail images may be configured to display either the pages of a single document or the first page of multiple documents based upon user preference.

Off-the-shelf document and image viewing applications will provide most of the desired functionality, for most users, most of the time, but Imaging Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) provide software developers with the tools needed to create a tailored solution – for the best integration with other systems, and the ability to build in customized functionality that may more directly meet the needs of the enterprise.

At Snowbound Software, we offer both innovative and powerful off-the-shelf document viewing and conversion applications that meet the needs of many customers, as well as an extremely sophisticated document imaging SDKs (Java and .NET among others) to develop and tailor this functionality for their specific environment, to provide our clients with the best of both worlds.