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Viewers, Converters & Toolkits, Oh, My…

by | Aug 26, 2010

Or how marketers try to capture your attention

Okay, please excuse the “Wizard of Oz” reference in the title of this column – I couldn’t help myself due to the recent 71st anniversary of the film, which came to my attention via a Google Doodle – those headers at the top of the page when you use the search engine for research. (The Pac Man Google Doodle from a couple months ago was great)! Which gets me on topic – those doodles reminded me of the various ways of catching people’s attention – in other words marketing…

I’m the marketing communications manager for Snowbound Software – and one of the things we, like all of our brethren at other companies, try to do is capture and direct your attention to our products or services. We do this in a variety of ways – both traditional (print, advertising) and modern (online, mobile), hoping that we’ll get leads and therefore sales for our company – so we can all continue doing what we do.

The reality of marketing today though, is that it is getting tougher to get your message out through the sheer volume of information that bombards us each day. This is why the Google Doodle sticks out in my mind so much, what a great way to highlight different themes and topics. It got me to thinking that there must be some way for us to uniquely approach our best prospects as well – but how?

How about a jingle – those old time radio songs of yore – write something catchy about our document and image viewers and converters – set to the tune of some old classic song…hmmm…what rhymes with viewer…bluer…fewer…sewer (no, that wouldn’t work.) Plus, who would sing the song? All the really great crooners have passed along into that final cocktail lounge in the sky…

I know – a contest! Maybe we could raffle off some expensive glitzy item like a car or boat to get people’s attention! Nah, I’d never get the budget approved, and most of our customers (and customers to be) can’t accept anything worth more than twenty five dollars (and some no more than ten) per their company’s collusion policies. Hey, we’re not colluding with anyone – just rewarding good behavior!

Got it – bombard everyone on our customer and prospect lists with tons of email, Webinar invitations, newsletters and other updates until they opt out – then we’ll have their attention – albeit negatively!
Okay – so does anyone else have any ideas?

BTW, if you’re reading this – I got your attention! And thanks!