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Utilizing “Flexible Content” ™ is an essential and often overlooked part of Transactional Content Management (TCM)

by | Feb 12, 2009

In the never-ending paper chase called electronic Transactional Content Management (TCM), we often overlook an essential ingredient – the ability to view images faster and use that content in dynamic ways. In an automated workflow process, we receive documents from many sources. In the case where content is received via email (with attachments) or by fax from outside suppliers, often times we will need to reorder the content. If this capture and Q/A step has been bypassed, performing page manipulations within the viewer provides users with these sorting capabilities.

These document versioning steps are often essential for users engaged in customer facing roles or business process management tasks – save one caveat: the activity must not impact the integrity of the document as a record. Organizations should keep a history via audit trails and demonstrate access to the original (unaltered) version. This new ability to work with “flexible content” or perform page manipulations such as: mark-up, split, reorder, copy, delete, create new documents and offer multiple print options, all within the image viewer, is often an afterthought when planning and implementing a TCM/BPM solution. Enterprise content management vendors must incorporate the right image viewer as an essential component to complement their customer’s business process methods.