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Using SnowCloud to get you up-and-running quickly

by | Jul 14, 2011

Cloud computing or ‘working in the cloud’ is the latest innovation for computing convenience and security. To some it may sound a bit daunting or just another flash-in-the-pan rage, but the reality is that many of us are already ‘in the cloud’ (some more than others of course, more on that later). Almost everyone using a computer has already experienced cloud computing at some point – using Google docs and Gmail are just two examples.

Cloud computing really means having the technology and data you need, when and where you need it, so we here at Snowbound Software have launched an initiative to help our customers and prospects benefit from this technology. By providing an environment for both product evaluation and creation of a pilot solution, we’re making it easy for our prospects to verify that our technology is the right choice for them, while also providing our clients a quick and uncomplicated way to test additional functionality.

Snowbound’s Cloud-based Pilot Environment empowers users with immediate access to a turnkey solution to evaluate, test and verify document and image viewing and conversion applications and toolkits. So now, whether you want to try out our off-the-shelf VirtualViewer or our SnowBatch conversion application, or put our RasterMaster SDK through its paces, our new cloud-based offering provides access in minutes.

Snowbound’s Cloud-based Advantages:

  • Instant Access – complete turnkey environment at your fingertips and under your control – access securely from multiple locations via SSL encryption to ensure data security
  • Trusted Source – third-party secure server provided with up-and-running software environment
  • Faster Deployment – avoid IT wait times and minimize internal resource use
  • Flexible/Scalable – choose your Snowbound software solution and server capacity
  • More Mobility – users can securely access information wherever they are


How It Works:

Select a Solution for Your Cloud Server – choose from our document viewing and conversion applications and SDK, select your operating system – and we’ll configure the server, load the software and verify functionality. Your Server is Online in Just a Few Minutes

Why Snowbound’s Cloud-based Testing & Pilot Environment

Successfully locating, evaluating and verifying that you’ve found the right solution that meets your needs is paramount to a successful implementation. And the more quickly and easily you can make this assessment, the better. We strive to assist you in this process with industry-leading support to help you throughout the evaluation, verification and implementation stages. Our cloud-based testing environment makes for an even quicker implementation of your project after evaluation or development of your proof of concept (POC).

Contact us for more information: or 617-607-2010

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