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Traffic-stopping Connectivity may be Hazardous to your Health

by | Jan 9, 2012

But the Benefits of Safe Document Viewing and Image Conversion Software are no accident…

I read recently that people walking into traffic, open manholes and other unnoticed obstructions has become one of the largest injury statistical increases noted by hospitals. It seems we can’t put down our communication tethers (Smartphones, tablets, etc.) long enough to even safely cross the street anymore! And kids are losing much-needed sleep due to the sense that they must receive and answer texts on their cell phones in real time.

Practicing ‘Safe’ Data Access

People ask me all the time what does Snowbound Software do? The way I explain it (in a nutshell) is to ask them if they’ve ever tried to open a file (either document or image) and couldn’t due to either not having the author application, or having an older version of software. Well if you use our document viewing and image conversion solutions, that issue becomes non-existent. See, here at Snowbound, we encourage ‘safe’ methods (tongue firmly in cheek here) of real-time information access via document viewing and image conversion technology, to make sure people have fast and secure access to the data they need to keep information flowing to productively conduct business.

And with mobile technology being all the rage for these past few years, it’s nice to know that there’s a solution out there for on-the-go professionals, enabling them to access whatever documents may be needed to keep their business rolling along. Remote document viewing and image conversion features include functionality such as the ability to open multiple files at the same time, select which documents are displayed by default when the viewer is opened, and a thumbnail panel that highlights either the pages of a particular document or the first page of multiple files – all designed to streamline workflow and aid productivity.

But, the ability to remotely access the business documents, legal briefs, claims information and medical records needed to do one’s job and help clients and patients is mission-critical, just don’t do it while driving or operating other heavy equipment! Currently, our elected representatives are trying to decide how to address the safety issues associated with texting, emailing and calling while driving, maybe even imposing a federal ban on using cell phones except during emergencies. While this might seem a bit drastic to some, what if someone you knew was hit by someone texting while driving?

So practice safe data access everyone. Oh, and one more thing…kids – get some sleep.