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To View or Not to View – that is the Conversion

by | Jan 18, 2011

People frequently ask me, “What does Snowbound do?” When I tell them that we develop applications for document conversion and viewing, they then say to me, “Okay, but what does that mean exactly?”
Simply put, have you ever tried to open a document on a computer, only to discover that you couldn’t due to either not having the right version of an application, or not having the application that the file was created in on the PC at all? Well, a document viewer addresses these issues, automatically reading, converting and presenting the desired document in real time – no matter the application used to create the document!

Presto – Conversion

How is this magic possible you ask? The secret is in the conversion technologically employed behind the scenes. It is this code that enables files and images created in a wide variety of applications – to be instantly processed to the viewer (both the human and document kind), providing access to virtually any document, file or record – barring permission and security levels of course.
Speaking of security, document viewers provide several layers of data protection including permission-based access and annotation options – allowing sensitive information such as social security numbers and medical records for example, to be accessed by those authorized – or have certain data fields screened by ‘sticky notes’.

In the Real World

Aside from the benefits of being able to quickly and easily access virtually any document for users, large corporate enterprises use document viewing technology to help facilitate the processing of forms and records in a wide variety of applications. Real world examples include insurance companies utilizing document viewing for the timely processing of claims for better customer service, healthcare professionals securely accessing patient medical record information in an instant for better emergency care, and government agencies applying document viewing and conversion for everything from patent and postal service forms expedition to enabling the public to view archived historical documents to satisfy the Freedom of Information Act.
I’m extremely proud of what Snowbound Software’s applications accomplish – the fact that our solutions help people in very tangible ways every day makes me feel good. Plus, the fact that my job is to inform others about our accomplishments is just icing on the cake!

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2011 for all!