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Thinking Inside AND Outside the Box

by | Jan 17, 2012

Working with established and innovative technology

I was cutting up some cardboard boxes for the recycling the other evening, and it got me thinking about the oft overused expression ‘think outside the box.’ (When you’re a writer everything reminds you of something.) Companies these days realize that constant innovation is what gives them competitive advantage. But the reality is you have to think inside AND outside the box…

In the software industry, conformity to accepted standards is our ‘inside the box’ foundation upon which to build. We have to work within technological parameters when we develop our document viewing and image conversion applications and toolkits; in terms of compatibility with hardware platforms, standard file formats and a variety of APIs – to make sure our offerings integrate with existing technology.

‘Outside the box’ however, we are constantly pushing the envelope (I know, another overused cliché, please bear with me) to try and give our customers industry-leading features and benefits – to give THEM a competitive advantage. By the way, this is why the majority of our clients won’t let us publicize how our solutions have helped them! They don’t want their competitors catching on to what technology they’re using to streamline their business processes.

Frankly, from a marketing perspective, this is a double-edged sword. It makes me proud that our firm has innovative technology that our clients’ use to give them a leg up in their respective industries, but it would be nice if we could also publicize this information as well. I enjoy writing customer success stories explaining how organizations work together, harnessing technology to address a need. And one of the best parts of these relationships is that the company supplying the solution (Snowbound in this case) learns so much as well; about the customer’s issues, industry and requirements, leading to an even better product down the road.

Snowbound Software is about to embark on its sixteenth year in business. We’ve strived to always be leaders in our industry – finding new and inventive ways to leverage technology to help our clients’ with their document-driven processes – so they can focus on their core businesses.

We’re Snowbound Software– how can we help you?