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The Best Document Viewing Solution – the View (er) from above…

by | Sep 7, 2011

Our approach – the best offerings coupled with the best service – see for yourself…

Many companies bandy about marketing and sales phrases to describe their products and services, saying things like ‘the best’, ‘market leading’ and ‘second to none’ to position their offerings as the only one you should purchase. So when we at Snowbound Software market our document viewer as the best one on the market – how do you know?

Best, of course, can be subjective based upon opinion or focal point. I remember a friend once telling me about the ‘best’ restaurant in the city. He took me to this total dive, with horrible food and service – but a ‘totally hot’ waitress – ah, now I see the attraction. So how do you know that our document viewer is the best one as we claim? And best in the way that will assist your business in the way you require?

Several ways. First of all, ask our customers. After all, the best (there I go again) endorsements don’t come from the manufacturers of products, but their users. And we are proud to have a great many satisfied customers who’ve been using our technology for years. Secondly, does the company stand behind its products? For over fifteen years we been developing document viewers, batch converters, and the imaging SDKs organizations need to help them run their businesses efficiently and effectively.

Third, check out the competition – which we encourage! One of the things I found interesting when I started here, Snowbound has competitors for each of our three product lines, but not one company does all three. This really surprised me especially since we used our own imaging SDK to build our document viewer and batch converter. The thinking here is that our off-the-shelf document viewing and converter applications fit the needs of many users, while the imaging toolkit is used by our clients to integrate this functionality more tightly with their enterprise document management applications such as enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) systems.

Any company that doesn’t encourage its customers and prospects to look at their competitors and tries to push to make the sale is one you probably want to avoid. Healthy competition combined with market-driven feature and functionality evolution are what helps drive product and service development – making for better solutions for us all. So come on, check out our document viewers, batch converters and the imaging SDK we developed to be the foundation of all our offerings. We think you’ll like what we have to offer, how we stand behind it, and most importantly our customer service.