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Snowbound – the staying power of a classic movie? (Film noir – only we work in color too)!

by | Sep 28, 2011

Document Viewers – Coupling the Latest Technology with Good Old-fashioned Customer Service

Have you noticed how some things that are extremely popular at one time disappear forever while others seem to have long-term presence and impact? I was watching a classic noir film the other evening and was thinking about what makes some things have ‘staying power’ while others fade away…

Equating this to business for instance – why do some companies grow and prosper while others die? Remember the Seinfeld episode that features the restaurant that keeps changing themes? No one can make a go of it in the location no matter the cuisine, theme or décor changes they try. Jerry offers advice to the owner about how to improve things – which of course fails miserably.

So, while some things become memorable and iconic due to the feelings evoked at the time, modern businesses don’t usually have this luxury. So what makes a company and its offerings (such as our document viewers) viable long-term? The opposite of catching lightning in a bottle for a brief instant is never-ending innovation coupled with a sense of old-fashioned value, integrity and customer service.

Ongoing innovation will help ensure that your products are at the cutting edge of technology. For our line of document viewers for instance, we are constantly striving to keep abreast of the latest hardware and software developments so that our client/server and web document viewers operate smoothly on a variety of hardware platforms, with virtually any web browsers and file formats – to ensure peak performance for our customers.

We’ve been perfecting our family of document viewers and image conversion applications and toolkits for over fifteen years (and counting) based upon a strong foundation of proven products and responsive customer service. Leveraging the latest technology with customer service is all too rare these days. We believe that when you treat people with respect and offer them the solution they expect – (like our document viewer) you too can become a ‘classic’.

And in case you were wondering, the film I was watching was ‘To Have and Have Not’ based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway and directed by Howard Hawks. This is the film that introduced Lauren Bacall (her first movie) to Humphrey Bogart and started that great relationship – on and off the screen. The screenplay was altered to take advantage of several characters and plot elements from the popular ‘Casablanca’, released a few years earlier, as well as Bacall’s star potential. Ah, the classics…