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Snowbound Software in a nutshell…

by | Nov 9, 2010

People frequently ask me (and my colleagues for that matter), ‘what does Snowbound Software do?’ We start to explain to them that we make document and image conversion and viewing software for a variety of industries, and as their eyes glaze over, we realize that there is a simpler and clearer way to get our point across…

Have you ever tried to open a file on your computer, and can’t because you don’t have the right version of an application, or maybe you don’t even have the application that the document was created in at all? For example, someone emailed me an image file recently that was created in some obscure format that I couldn’t open with any of the applications on my PC. Well, if you use a universal viewer such as those created by Snowbound that is no longer an issue.

Aside from the benefit of being able to open documents and images no matter what application they were created in, document viewers also enable more efficient forms processing for workgroups through the ability to easily share revisions and annotations (sticky notes, redactions) among colleagues, workgroups or entire enterprises – worldwide if needed. For instance, if a form must be processed by several individuals within a company, the right document viewer allows quick and easy access to keep things moving along. Also permission-based access may be established for data security – so that workers are only able to see the information they’re allowed to see, as sensitive data may be redacted.

So, how are these applications used in the real world and to what benefit? Here are some examples:

Healthcare facilities use viewers to securely receive and review patient medical records so that healthcare professionals have immediate access to the most recent medical reports, doctors’ notes, scans and other data for efficient and accurate patient diagnosis.

In the insurance industry, forms are processed using high-speed document viewers to efficiently expedite customer claims and payments as forms may be retrieved in seconds, and processed collaboratively – enhancing customer service and providing an advantage in a highly competitive industry.

Electronic viewing and conversion applications are used throughout local, state and federal government agencies, assisting with forms processing, document conversion and secure Web viewing. For example, both the United States Postal Service and the Social Security Administration have used software development toolkits (SDKs) to build and integrate this type of capability into their document processing systems. And the United States Treasury uses a batch conversion solution based on this technology to efficiently and accurately convert large volumes of electronic files for secure access across the agency.

These solutions are available as off-the-shelf applications, or may be built using an SDK and tailored to seamlessly fit into any enterprise document system – in other words there are both buy it or build it options, depending upon the users’ choice and system requirements. And that is Snowbound Software in a nutshell.