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Snowbound Readies Informative Imaging Webinar Series, among other new initiatives

by | Aug 18, 2011

Online Seminars highlight Real-World Benefits to Automated Document Processing & Web Viewing

We’re working on a Webinar series for our firm – trying to be not only informative – but topical in a benefits-focused, ‘what’s in it for me?’ way as well. Snowbound develops document viewing and conversion applications and software development toolkits (SDKs), and rather than pick one piece of our technology to highlight, we thought we’d create a 3-part series giving a broad overview of our technology and what it has to offer.

For the introductory presentation, we’ll highlight document and imaging viewing and conversion applications, describing the benefits of Web-based viewing, document processing and batch conversion, highlighting some real-world applications, and of course, briefly demonstrating the solutions. Part two will feature document manipulation and image conversion tools showing advanced capabilities such as document redaction and image annotation, as well as image processing capabilities including: viewing, conversion, manipulation, printing, scanning and saving.

The third part of the series will focus on our highly-featured imaging SDK that enables software developers to easily create and integrate custom document imaging and conversion functionality into document management and enterprise content management (ECM) systems, and the benefits derived from the implementation. The series is scheduled to begin in September and run through November.

2011 has been a dynamic year here at Snowbound, we’ve experienced record growth due in part to sales gains with our VirtualViewer AJAX and RasterMaster SDKs, (read the media release) and the marketing team is preparing for a very busy fall season as we launch a variety of new campaigns. Aside from the aforementioned Webinar presentations, we’re preparing to launch a new Website by year’s end highlighting solution benefits and featuring easier support access, and are in the process of creating a number of guides and white papers designed to be both intriguing and informative about how to best leverage technology to reach your business goals – stay tuned!