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Snowbound – Quietly Making Business Better Behind the Scenes

by | Dec 14, 2011

Snowbound Inside – with regards to Intel…

I recently watched a ‘Masterpiece Contemporary’ presentation with Alan Rickman (he of the first ‘Diehard’ movie and Sheriff of Nottingham fame from Kevin Costner’s ‘Robin Hood’), and was drawn in by the presence of a teleplay about a man meeting his old flame. Most of the dialogue of the production was Rickman speaking to the audience indirectly through hearing his thoughts – a veritable behind-the-scenes of his life. It got me to thinking that’s how Snowbound helps their clients – making business processes better through subtle but powerful behind-the-scenes leveraging of technology.

When I first arrived at Snowbound, a lot of our marketing was all about document viewers, converters and toolkits, oh my. (An earlier blog even featured this approach.) But as we look a bit deeper at what we offer our customers, we continue to realize that the benefits – how we help people – are what’s it’s all about. The secure universal document access and display capabilities that enable business professionals around the world to more efficiently and (cost) effectively get the job done is Snowbound’s stock and trade.

What used to be called imaging technology, now better known as viewing and conversion technology is the foundation of what we’ve built our business upon. We used our own software development toolkit (SDK) to design and develop the off-the-shelf applications that became VirtualViewer (document viewing) and SnowBatch (batch file conversion). These products offer a great variety of organizations the means to streamline processes from patient record viewing in the healthcare industry to forms and claims processing in the banking, financial services and insurance sectors. And if a firm needs to tightly integrate with existing enterprise systems such as Documentum, FileNet or SharePoint – they use our SDK themselves to develop a customized solution.

Snowbound has been helping businesses with underlying document-driven process for over fifteen years – and counting! We’ve seen our competitors fall by the wayside for not keeping up with evolutionary advances in technology. But we choose to continue on our current successful path – helping our clients – because frankly, we enjoy it!

We’re Snowbound Software, how can we help you?