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Snowbound – a Moving Experience…

by | Dec 10, 2010

So we’re finally moved into our new office space, and like most things in life, all didn’t go as planned. As the saying goes – it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure. Some random musings from our move…
Right off the bat, the move was interesting. Even the planning/data gathering stages held their share of amusing moments. For instance, as we were gathering quotes for the move, price estimates fluctuated wildly between vendors; with some quoting almost double the cost of their competitors. One of the more costly vendors (that we didn’t select) must have recently watched the entire series of Three Stooges as they had their mannerisms down pat! (Well except for Curly’s ‘Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck, but it wouldn’t have surprised us to hear it!) We eventually settled on a reputable and professional mover in the middle of the pricing pack…and no, it wasn’t Larry, Moe and Curly…
Since I’ve relocated so many times, both personally and professionally, I volunteered for the moving committee. During the packing process, I took it upon myself to disconnect the water cooler. The water lines were attached using connectors that were too large to fit through the metal grates of a partition, and therefore had to be cut. All was going swimmingly until I cut the main line, causing a bit of a geyser in the kitchen. While Tabby, our office manager, attempted to reach the building manager, I tried to decipher which valve under the sink would stop the water flow – which I eventually found – crisis over after a bit of mopping…
Moving day – a Saturday so as to minimize interruption of regular working schedules, I took a quick break for some fresh air in the evening. It was not until I was outside that I realized my electronic badge to open the outer building doors was in my briefcase in the new offices. Fortunately, the movers had propped open a door by the loading dock with an empty Red Bull can – ah, so that’s where they get their energy…
As the new space was ‘built-out’, we realized that there were several things we had forgotten; ordering a new refrigerator, moving the projector screen from our old conference room to the new, and cabinetry for the kitchen area to name just a few. Our new property managers handled everything with aplomb – seems they’ve had to deal with this type of behavior before – go figure!
Another challenge I decided to take on (yes, apparently I’m a bit masochistic) was the layout of the office space in terms of furnishings. I purchased a software package to assist in my efforts, and proceeded to get a crash course not only in rudimentary space planning, but advanced diplomacy as well. While our overall office space is larger to accommodate our growth, most of the offices in the new building are a bit smaller than our old location and it seems several of my colleagues had issues with abandoning some of their furnishings, attempting to make them fit when the floor plan clearly showed that they wouldn’t. (I won’t mention any names – but you know who you are.)
But we’re in now – there are still a few outstanding issues (like why is it so cold in here? Are they taking ‘snowbound’ literally and trying to make the temperatures arctic?) But these will get straightened out in time. We like our new space, and hopefully all our customers and vendors will be able to find us soon!